Sydney Ideas - Thomas Crow
A Power Institute Lecture

Professor Thomas Crow

Co-presented with Sydney Ideas and the US Studies Centre, University of Sydney

19 March

The Death and Life of Pop Art in the 1960s Counter-Culture 

Pop enlarged the capacity of fine art to channel deep but inchoate feelings in whole populations normally put off by the exclusivity of museums and galleries.  But by the end of the decade, Pop seemed rapidly to fade, enduring as a set of fine individual careers but no longer a vital tendency still attracting young adherents.  Or so it might have seemed.

Professor Crow, the author of seminal texts on post-war American art,  teaches at the Institute of Fine Arts New York. He was previously the Director of the Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles. His lecture will examine how the international counter-culture kept Pop current but in the process surpassed, dispersed, and ultimately obscured the sources.

Venue Information: Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Macquarie St