Michael Fried, Sydney Ideas
A Power Institute Lecture

Michael Fried

Thomas Demand's Pacific Sun

24 May

The Power Institute is proud to present in partnership with Sydney Ideas and the United States Studies Centre, University of Sydney, a lecture by international guest speaker Michael Fried.

In his lecture titled Thomas Demand’s Pacific Sun, Fried will show Demand’s two minute long stop-motion film Pacific Sun (2011) (the name of a cruise ship struck by seven powerful waves off the coast of New Zealand several years ago), and will discuss the film and artist in detail.

Michael Fried is a poet, art historian, art critic and literary critic. He is Professor, J. R. Herbert Boone Chair in the Humanities at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. He has written extensively about an array of subjects, spanning abstract painting and sculpture since World War II to French painting and art criticism from the mid-eighteenth century to the advent of Edouard Manet (and beyond).