Miriam Cabello - Tanks of Terror
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6 - 28 September

Goran TomicMy Bloody Underground

My Bloody Underground is a series of new paintings that delve into the collective unconscious. With this body of work I am interested in portraying the interconnecting and intercommunicating circuit of life linking all forms of creation through the Line. The concept is to express through pure symbolism how we are all joined together by the hard wiring of our human minds and nervous systems.

Miriam CabelloSept 11, 1973, Oppression and Diaspora; The Chilean Military Coup

2013 is the 40th anniversary of the military coup that toppled the democratically elected Allende government in Chile. The 1973 Chilean Coup series is inspired by my families’ rich history, political passions and personal experience. My exhibition addresses the confluence of economy and power structures throughout history.

Chile was the first to experience and be exploited by a large-scale shock or crises. Milton Friedman acted as an advisor to the Chilean dictator, general Pinochet.  It was the most extreme capitalist makeover ever attempted anywhere, and it became known as a “Chicago School” revolution.

“For three decades, Friedman and his followers had methodically exploited moments of shock in other countries – foreign equivalents of 9/11, starting with Pinochet’s coup on September 11, 1973. What happened on September 11, 2001, is that an ideology hatched in American universities and fortified in Washington institutions finally had its chance to come home”.

Marcus Jan CsomorLiquid Kandinsky

Liquid Kandinsky is an experience in liquefying the traditional sense of TheAbstract. Delivered through the medium of computational variance,  Liquid Kandinsky is a DataFlow of electronic geometric strata layers designed to enhance the cultural context of TheAbstract.

Light, Colour, Form & Direction enhance the conceptual foundation of visual variables in this series of work  touching on colour theory & harmonious proportions which avoid focus and extremes on compositional colourways.

Liquid Kandinsky underpins the necessity for a cultural awareness shift – a shift that will ultimately blend the mathematical precision of late 19th Century Kandinsky with 23rd Century computational social optimism and a generative electronic meta-verse.