Singled Out

2 - 12 October


Singled Out is a brand new inter-generational, multi-playwright project developed by creative producer and new work director Augusta Supple and supported by a professional production team of some of Sydney’s most respected independent performers, musicians and playwrights. Responding to the prediction that by 2020, one in three living arrangements in Sydney will be that of solo households this new show is a heartfelt and  hilarious adventure in the private lives of our neighbours, friends and relatives.

Offering an insight into the lives of many, Singled Out is a kaleidoscopic series of portraits – colliding and intersecting – revealing flights of fancy, the gentle musings or the robust reflections on what it means to be living alone in a thriving dynamic city. Harnessing the creative imaginations of some of Australia’s leading playwrights this is a unique celebration of our city, our private moments and public confessions – exploring the joy and freedom of solo living and the sometimes hidden realities of the solo living person.


This project has been made possible by the generous support of:  ArtsNSW, The Seymour Centre, The Arts Platform, Blink Print and The Rose Hotel Sydney.