University of Sydney Union & USYD Science Revue present

Science Revue: Schrödinger’s Deal And No Deal

30 Aug - 1 Sep 2018

Erwin Schrödinger; physicist, philosopher, father of quantum theory, author and Nobel-Prize winner. To think one man could have it all. But, Schrödinger wants more. With science under his thumb, this Austrian powerhouse is taking on his toughest task yet: showbiz!


Under the gruelling lights and critical cameras, even the most seasoned host can flounder. So what chance might a man of science have? Can he keep it together under the heat?


Amidst the hilarious sketch comedy, awe-inspiring music and unbelievable dances, watch Schrödinger in a tale of love and heartbreak as he finds the equation for entertainment and solves for x in extravaganza!


Schrödinger’s Deal And No Deal could be the greatest show ever created or one of Schrödinger’s deepest shames, and until you peel open the box to see, both are a reality.


Warning: contains nudity, coarse language, violence, adult themes, drug use and sexual references. Recommended for ages 15+


Producers: Isabel Rae Timmerman and Brandon De Moraes
Directors: Luke Tisher and Jestika Chand
Dance Directors: Rachel Patterson and Zoe Cahill
Vocal Directors: Jemima Lorenz and Selina Williamson
Band Directors: Harry Nicol, Panagiotis Karamanos; Assistant Band Director: Jack Zeng
AV Directors: Ella Kerr and Hal Fowkes