Sport for Jove and and Seymour Centre present

Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare

5 - 14 Aug 2020


Did my heart love ‘til now?”


This fast-paced, thrilling new production of Romeo and Juliet takes the audience through four short days of joy, love and tragedy.


So much is public and outdoors in this story, and yet at its heart is a soaring love affair that remains entirely secret until a terrible Thursday morning when a town of adults, now stripped of its children, stands in the gloomy dawn to learn the appalling costs of hatred, ignorance and prejudice.


The young people in this great story follow their impulses and pay a terrible price, but their apparent rashness and “rude will” is the only logical response to the extraordinarily irrational world built around them by their families.


Funny, bleak, frightening, deliriously romantic, moving and inspiring, Romeo and Juliet is the perfect introduction to Shakespeare for young audiences.



Tickets: School groups $28 per student. One teacher free per 20 students, additional teachers at student price.


Years 7 – 11
Stage 4 Drama
Stage 5 Drama, English
Stage 6 Drama, English


Q&As: 15 minute Q&As led by director Damien Ryan will take place after all 1pm performances.


Resources: Teacher resource kits will be available for all bookings.



Writer William Shakespeare
Director Damien Ryan