Sydney Cabaret Festival presents

No Cabaret for Old Men

by Phil Scott and Jonathan Biggins

5 - 14 Jul 2019

"Intelligent satire alongside cheap, below-the-belt parodies..."

Daily Review


Direct from the Tilbury Hotel (via 46 years in the Wharf Revue), the Tilbury Room at Sydney Cabaret proudly presents Jonathan Biggins and Phil Scott giving a veritable masterclass in cabaret – with neither the mastery nor class.


Together, these lightly-seasoned performers examine the many strands of the cabaret art form – Audition Cabaret, Name-Drop Cabaret, Weimar, Broadway, Political, and the ever-popular “No Other Avenue is Available to Me” cabaret stylings of the under-employed.


No Cabaret for Old Men – the show that finally gives mature white men the voice they’ve never had.