Seymour Centre in association with Sport for Jove Theatre present


By William Shakespeare

14 - 29 June

"She was false as water"


“Othello moves us because it is a story in which we see ourselves.  It is an ordinary, human story which taps into that extraordinarily powerful but rarely acknowledged human desire which we all share: envy.  But far from being a simple moral lesson, the play is a stunning exploration of our complex and contradictory humanity.  Its richness is in the detail with which each of its characters is drawn – in Othello and Desdemona, Iago, Emilia, Cassio and Roderigo we see parts of ourselves we usually keep hidden from view.”  Matt Edgerton, Director

Experiencing a live production of Othello is crucial for students to truly appreciate the power latent in this great tragedy.  Commonly described as Shakespeare’s most exciting play, Othello’s crackling pace, relentless action and breathtaking emotional climax are simply impossible to experience outside the theatre.  Not to mention the thrilling relationship an audience forms with a flesh-and-blood Iago, the play’s master manipulator, played by Damien Ryan, Sport for Jove’s acclaimed artistic director.