Gareth Isaac presents

Odd Man Out – A Cabaret

21-23 Sep

From the day we’re born, we’re always told that we are special and unique. What we’re NOT told is that certain kinds of special and unique are considered wrong and potentially offensive, and shouldn’t be allowed out of the house.


Unless you’re Gareth Isaac – in which case you’ll probably stick to your guns, disappoint both of your parents and end up singing songs about it for a living.


Join Gareth for an evening of music, laughter, and some really important questions about art, life and love. Like “What do you do with your arms when you perform?”, “What if we’re too strange to ever meet someone to share our life with?” and “What happens when you can sing like an angel, but look like your mother had an affair with a scarecrow?”


He may not provide the answers to any of these questions, but you’ll probably still really enjoy yourselves.


As a graduate of the Australian Institute of Music, Gareth holds a Bachelor of Music Theatre, and may be recognised from his roles in AIM’s ‘The Witches of Eastwick’ as Clyde, and Squabbalogic Independent Theatre Company’s ‘The Original Grease’ as Eugene, and as President #3 in Neglected Musical’s ‘Dear World’. Outside of the theatre, he can be found begging for work from passing directors.


Joining Gareth on stage will be Lucy Bermingham, piano accompanist and award-winning musical director of ATYP’s ‘Spring Awakening’, among numerous other credits including ‘Stricly Ballroom’, ‘Violet’, ‘Songs for a New World’, and many more.


MUSICAL DIRECTOR – Lucy Bermingham