Ockham's Razor
Sydney Festival presents

Ockham’s Razor

21 - 26 January

"Each gesture, movement and attitude is placed with perfection"



Ockham’s Razor, known for daring yet refined aerial acrobatics, brings three vividly theatrical works to Sydney Festival.

Using tailor-made aerial equipment, the agile physical performers investigate themes of isolation, reliance and the way our actions impact on those around us.

Circus meets storytelling in Arc, exploring the ties and tangles of human relationships on a life raft structure suspended in mid-air. A heart-stopping pas de deux takes flight in the gentle aerial ballet Memento Mori and an elevated set of scales plays out in Every Action, where each movement of four strangers affects the others.


About Arc

3 performers, 30 minutes. Arc tells the story of three people who find themselves stranded together. It is about the balance between them as relationships form and break apart. It explores the experience of isolation in close proximity.

About Memento Mori

2 performers, 13 minutes. Memento Mori is a powerful duet performed on a suspended metal frame. It is based on Holbein’s woodcuts of “The Dance of Death”, where death is represented as a skeleton that dances each of us to our grave.

About Every Action...

4 performers, 20 minutes. Every Action… is a playful look at the bonds that form when people are thrown together. Four strangers meet before twenty-five metres of suspended rope. As they explore this elevated set of scales they discover a world where everything you do will affect someone, somewhere.

Cast & Creatives

Devised and performed by
Alex Harvey, Tina Koch, Charlotte Mooney, Meline Danielewicz and Steve Ryan

Directed by Ruth Naylor-Smith, Samuel Jornot and Bim Mason, Deb Pope
Music composed by Derek Nisbet, Penguin Café Orchestra, Patrick Larley
Costume design by Tina Bicat
Lighting design by Justin Farndale