Double Bass
Seymour Centre Presents

Vivid Music: Music for Double Bass

Vivid Music At Seymour

28 May


‘This Performance features 2 works composed by Double Bassist Elsen Price and Composer Andrew Batt-Rawden.

“Red Planet” by Elsen Price

Red Planet is a solo double bass feature piece, composed and recorded by Elsen Price in 2014. It incorporates loops and many extended techniques of the instrument, to create a tonal descriptor of the last days of Earth. The original recording took 10 hours to complete including composition, recording, editing and mastering.

“Unnamed Work” by Andrew Batt-Rawden

This work is an Exploration of rhythm and time with the use of Double Bass, Mandolin and Computer. Using a variety of improvisational, extended and time altering techniques, Andrew presents a piece which captures the imagination of sound, whilst questioning the reference of time. This Work has been Commissioned By Elsen Price for this Vivid Performance.

Additional Performers

Marcus Holden is performing on Mandolin. Marcus is a highly regarded tertiary educator, composer, producer and improvising violinist / mandolinist.

James Walker will be creating visual effects.’

Music for Double Bass is part of Vivid Music @ Seymour