Seymour Centre presents Vivid at Seymour

New Wave: Sound – Collarbones Meets Synergy Percussion

World Premiere

6 June 2014

Live percussion and digital wizardry thrash it out on stage in this coming-together of two musical powerhouses.


Best of Collarbones, all original sound-design remix like never before.

Synergy’s raw, delicate and brutal percussion soundscape is the perfect prism for re-imagining Collarbones catchy rhythmic asymmetries, mesmeric harmonies and intricately layered detail.

Acoustic percussion textures are manipulated live, Marcus’ hefty soulful voice rises out of the chaos, beats drop and then recede against a spare but cinematic musical backdrop.



Marcus Whale and Travis Cook – Collarbones

Timothy Constable, Joshua Hill, Bree van Reyk – Synergy Percussion