Seymour Centre presents Vivid at Seymour

New Wave: Sound – Abject Desire

Jessica Aszodi

5 June 2014

New works for voice and electronics.


Abject Desire is a recital like you’ve never heard. Jessica Aszodi (soprano) and Samuel Dunscombe (electronics) perform new compositions by some of Australia’s most innovative composers, Anthony Pateras, James Rushford, Jeanette Little and Alex Garsden.

These pieces run the gamut of vocal possibility, conjuring far-flung climates using live and sampled vocals combined with analogue and digital electronics. These works visit with cyborgs and mothers, futurists and shamans, spaceships and graveyards. This music shows the voice at its limits; the performers, entwined with their machines, will realize the world premieres of Pateras’ Prayer for Nil, Garsden’s [ja] maser and Rushford’s The Fabric of Wind, alongside electronic interludes by Samuel Dunscombe.

Nothing on this program has ever been heard before in Australia and none of it sounds like what you might be expecting.