Never Grow Up
The USU and SURCAS present

Never Grow Up

27-29 April

Never Grow Up draws together a variety of circus disciplines to bring to life a circus reimagining of the children’s classic Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. An iconic story about growing up but never forgetting the optimism, the imagination and the friendships of childhood.


Experience the adventures of a bold Wendy and her not-so-Darling brothers as they journey through Neverland. The siblings are guided by Peter Pan, whose shadow is evading him with nimble acrobatics. A Tinkerbell, quite unlike the one you know, performs a sassy trapeze routine and helps the children, with a little bit of pixie dust, to leave the world they know and enter the magnificent circus whirlwind that is our Neverland.


Here they will find malevolent mermaids hanging from their watery aerial grotto, the lost boys competing amongst themselves in the deep jungle, a crew of pirates that battle with juggling knives and a ticking crocodile and Captain Hook wrestling each other off the plank…


Never Grow Up is a call to awaken your inner child. It is a call to remember the wonder of childhood, to broaden our horizons, embrace the fantastic experiences that they bring, and the meaningful relationships that they may spark. Prepare to see Neverland as you’ve never seen it before.


The Sydney University Recreational Circus Arts Society (SURCAS) and the University of Sydney Union brings to the stage an intimate and charming production from a passionate and talented cast and crew. SURCAS is a non-profit society run under the clubs and societies program of the USU, and this will be the first time in over five years that we bring our show to the Seymour Centre. We hope that you enjoy the show.

Creative Team

Director- Brianna Tuohy
Assistant director- Vincent Pham
Producer- Cyril Tang
Costume designer- Alexis Conway
Aerials director- Lizzie Westbrook
Props team- Francesca Weiss and Simba Nguyen
Photography by Kim Brewster Film/Photography