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Seymour Centre Presents

Vivid Music: Musify + Gamify – Concerts

Vivid Music At Seymour

29 - 30 May

Musify+Gamify looks at contemporary perspectives on ‘play’, where musical play and game play coincide, from the 20th century music revolutions in sonic liberation and participation, to the new digital interactive technologies that allow built environments to become dynamic experiences.

At the core of the event will be two concerts of adventurous experimental music by leading Australian artists, including Robbie Avenaim and Chris Abrahams, Ensemble Offspring, Alon Ilsar and 7Bit Hero. These will take place in the Seymour Centre. Each concert will be augmented by interventions happening outside the auditorium that involve “gamified” audience participation in the creation of music.

An exhibition throughout the foyer of the Seymour Centre will present an international series of musifications and gamifications, videogames, generative music and contemporary immersive and interactive experiences, including works by Lucas Abela, David Kanaga, Michaela Davies and The Futile Research Lab.

Curated by Ollie Brown and Lian Loke


Exhibition (27th May – June 6th)
10am – 10pm (excluding Sunday)
Works by Darwin Tunes, Proteus, Papa Sangre, Dyad, Futile Research Lab, Andrew Bluff, Frank Feltham, Lucas Abela, Living Symphonies, Play the Road, Michaela Davies.
Videogames: Papa Sangre II, Proteus, Dyad.


Concert 1 (Everest, Friday 29th May)
Ensemble Offspring (performing works by Julian Day, Cor Fuhler, Damien Ricketson, Steffan Ianigro)
Robbie Avenaim and Chris Abrahams
Michaela Davies
Alon Ilsar plays airsticks, joined by Lucas Abela’s Mini Duelling Guitars.


Concert 2 (Reginald, Saturday 30th May)
7Bit Hero (solo set) (QLD)
Austin Buckett performs with a new interactive AV work by David Kanaga (US)
Paul Heslin (ACT)
The Infosthetic Orchestra (James Nichols, Laura Altman, Pia van Gelder, Tom Smith, Alex Whillas, Ollie Bown)

And more….

Musify + Gamify is part of Vivid Music @ Seymour