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Bohemia presents

Mercan Dede Secret Tribe

15 Mar

A mystical, electronic journey featuring a mesmerising whirling dervish dancer.

Guided by a love for both ancient and modern music, Mercan Dede is among Turkey’s most prominent musical exports. Respected by electronic and traditional music communities alike, Dede has a singular presence in world music. Mercan Dede believes that when you put digital, electronic sounds together with hand-made, human ones, you can create universal language, capable of uniting old and young, ancient and modern, East and West. The Turkish-born and Montreal-based musician/ producer/DJ has the career and the music to back it up the claim. When he takes the stage with his group Secret Tribe, he hovers at the side behind his turntables, occasionally picking up a traditional wooden flute, or ney to float in sweet, breathy melodies, while masters of the kanun (zither), clarinet and darbuka (hand drum) ornament his grooves and spin magical, trance melodies to match the whirling of the group’s spectacular dervish dancer.


Both as Mercan Dede with his Secret Tribe and his alter ego DJ Arkin Allen he has performed at diverse events in almost every corner of the world. In 2005 he became the first Turkish artist to reach #1 of the world music charts. Under 9 different names he has released more than 100 singles worldwide. Mercan Dede, Arkin Allen, Blueman and Poundmaker aside, he still keeps 5 other names secret even from his own management and family; believing that nothing should stand between sound and the ear, include the artist himself.


Mercan Dede is rightly recognised as one of the most creative and unique artists in the electronic and world music scenes today. Uniting people from different backgrounds regardless of their age, cultural background or personal differences, Mercan Dede never fails to impress with the captivating sounds and explosive energy he creates on