Lao Qiang
Sydney Festival and The Confucius Institute present

Lao Qiang

China | Australian Exclusive

22 - 25 January

"If you didn't know better, you might think you were hearing the hard-knock life of a Mississippi Delta bluesman"



From the dusty plains of northwest China’s Shaanxi Province comes the tradition of Lao Qiang or ‘old tunes’. Lauded as the ancient rock‘n’roll of the East, Lao Qiang is energetic folk music accompanied by feisty shadow puppetry. The Zhang Family Band performs this centuries-old form of storytelling with humour and energy, bringing to life tales of battle and adventure that have been an essential part of village life for more than a millennium.

Lao Qiang brings back the grandeur of the Western Han Dynasty and life on the Yellow River. Wooden benches become percussion instruments and horsehair flies off the string players’ bows in this family-friendly musical road trip through a lesser known part of mainland China.

In Shaanxi dialect with Chinese and English surtitles.