Laughter House Entertainment Presents

Kabaret “La Blasé”

Sydney Fringe 2015

3 - 5 September

Your hosts Kiki & Pascal will be joined on stage by the formidable “Governess” AKA Anne-Louise Rental, Bulli’s favourite Hula-Hoop artist Heidi Hillier, Sydney pin-up boy Drew Fairley and the ever present ABC musical egghead Nick Rheinberger. Comedy, Circus, Music, Magic, Acrobatics, Clairvoyance and a truck load of Laughter.

From the creators of The K.I.S.S. Arts Festival, The Directors of Laughter House Entertainment and the founder of Port Kembla’s “The Vault” comes the new, absolutely essential comedy night out Kabaret “La Blasé”.

Drawing on their diverse theatrical backgrounds, the cast of Kabaret “La Blasé” bring to the stage a “European” style of comedy that is both edgy and vulnerable. Bringing together as eclectic a mix of performers as possible, Kabaret “La Blasé” is risqué yet demure, anarchic yet sophisticated and very, very funny.

Promising to entertain everybody, Kabaret “La Blasé” will be the show that everyone is talking about but nobody will be able to describe. Buy your ticket now before it’s too late!

Comedy, Circus, Cabaret, Vaudeville, Burlesque, Music and just about every other genre you can think of, all squeezed into 1.5 hours of hilarious, outrageous and innovative entertainment.

Warning: Mild Nudity