Sydney Festival 2017 presents


25 - 28 Jan

“A rich, visually stunning show”

The Guardian

Exploring themes of fracture and disconnection in a world where everyone relies on someone else for support, Institute is an astonishing performance combining witty choreography, artful imagery and ingenious stagecraft.


Set in a mysterious place of dark shadows and towering filing cabinets that gradually reveal their secrets over the course of the show, four dynamic performers collide in an extraordinary world of breathtaking movement and exquisite storytelling. Martin longs for one more breath with Margaret. Daniel climbs higher and higher over a towering world, but will he fulfil his ambition? Stuck in this beguiling maze of officialdom they lurch from one outrageous task to another. But who is giving the orders?


Their state of mind is reflected in an atmospheric set design, beautifully lit and with a terrific soundtrack.


The performers of award-winning physical theatre company Gecko conjure theatrical surprises and transformations that will make you laugh and gasp in equal measure in this Kafkaesque puzzle that is bewildering and beautiful.