Sydney Festival 2017 presents


24 - 28 Jan

"An important work that demands to be seen"

The Torontoist

From Native Earth Performing Arts, Canada’s oldest professional Indigenous theatre company, comes a vivid account of harsh realities and difficult truths.


As Huff opens, a boy named Wind is trying to end his life. It is, he thinks, his only escape from a vicious cycle of abuse, neglect, violence and solvent-sniffing. He won’t get out so easily.


Award-winning performer and playwright Cliff Cardinal plays 20 characters in his unflinching, dream-like one-man show about Huff, his two brothers, and the trials and tribulations of life on a First Nations reserve in Northern Ontario. Sobering, but with a heavy dose of black humor, Huff takes a hard look where so many have turned a blind eye.