Sydney University Dramatic Society & The USU present


6 - 16 August

"...there are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in our philosophy"


A young son returns home to mourn the sudden passing of his father the king. Powerless, he watches his mother quickly and inexplicably marry the dead monarch’s brother. In the depths of grief this young son is burdened with the truth and tasked with doing the unthinkable.

Without doubt the world’s most performed play, each production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet finds its own ‘interpretation’ justified in the text. To a world that seeks simplicity and meaning, SUDS’ Hamlet will reveal the play’s unfathomable complexity.

you would pluck out the heart of my mystery

Utilising the mesmeric power of Shakespeare’s poetry, applying the fresh perspective of young minds unburdened by the play’s history, and reaching for the mysterious heart of this great play, SUDS’ Hamlet will blow the cobwebs off this theatrical institution, allowing our audience to experience it as they never have before.

At 200 minutes (including interval), and with a full cast of 24 actors, do not miss this unique opportunity to see a production do justice to the greatest play ever. Perfect for school audiences, this will not be Hamlet by highlights.