Frida People
Candy Royalle & Sloppy Joe present

Frida People

With Special Guests

20 & 27 November, 4 December

Frida People is an explosive exploration of the human condition set upon the backdrop of Sloppy Joe’s musical brilliance – known for bestowing sonic solutions on empty aural spaces. Candy Royalle and Sloppy Joe’s first show and album, ‘Stories by Starlight’ garnered them a nomination for the Sydney Fringe Music Award in 2012. Together on their second collaboration, this daring aural fusion is set to tear the roof of the sucker.

Layering her rhythmic words and hypnotic voice with the unique sounds that Sloppy Joe create, they move through funk, soul, hip hop and pure chaos. After months in the studio they are taking the live show on tour.

As a special treat, they will be joined on stage by performance artist, Emma Maye Gibson (Aka Surreal Showgirl Betty Grumble), co-founder of vigilante grotesque burlesque collective and self-proclaimed theatrical terrorist as well as special guest Niveen Abdelatty on trumpet.

This is a confronting show, with content set to make audiences question everything. Spectators, be warned to expect extreme levels of titillation and a heart thumping deluxe aural experience, possibly leading to a rebirth of the senses and certainly an unequalled multifaceted intelligent entertainment experience.

Support Acts:

7:30pm Eunice Andrada

7:45pm Kaveh Akbari

8pm Lorin Elizabeth

Warning: Nudity, Adult Themes