Seymour Centre & Milk Crate Theatre present

Fearless Performance Symposium

6 - 9 Feb

“Fearless reminds us that loneliness is more than feelings of isolation experienced by an individual, rather, it is a significant problem of societal health and happiness.”

Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald, 2012


In 2015, Milk Crate Theatre’s Fearless by Mira Todd appeared on the HSC Drama Course prescriptions for the topic ‘Contemporary Australian Theatre Practice’ for the first time. In order to provide support to teachers who are teaching this text for the first time, Milk Crate Theatre and Seymour Centre are providing Preliminary and HSC Drama students the chance to participate in a learning experience about their HSC text directly from the company that made it.


Our Fearless Performance Symposium provides students with the unique opportunity to gain vital insights into understanding the text Fearless. They will see scenes from the play performed and listen to artists who created the work talk about the process that was employed. The seminar will focus on the play in production, text analysis, creative process of Milk Crate Theatre and approaches to the HSC exam question. An engaging and dynamic seminar, this is one not to be missed!


This presentation will feature a number of the original cast members and the original Composer and Music Director from the first production who will discuss the script, key themes and answer questions directly relating to the study of the text. This symposium will include:


1. Full presentation of key scenes from the production.
2. Full presentation of key songs with original Composer and Music Director, Daryl Wallace.
3. Audio Visual presentation, including video and photos from the original 2012 production.
4. Take home resources including: Comprehensive Education Pack and presentation slides for teachers.
5. A 20-30 minute Q&A session where students and teachers can speak directly with the cast, musician and presenter asking questions that relate to the study of Fearless.