USYD Science Revue presents

CSI:RO – Rogue Operation

22 - 24 Aug 2019

Who do you call when the head of the Crime Scene Investigation unit goes missing? Ghostbusters?




This case is going to need the best of the best, especially if it was one of their own who has decided to operate rogue…


Come along and watch as the top agents of the generic 80s beach town where this show is set investigate their way through the hilarious sketches, spectacular dances and incredibly funky songs to uncover the truth.


CSI:RO Rogue Operation will have you in stitches, in tears and maybe even on stage yourself! Whilst the disappearance of the head of the CSI is a mystery yet to be solved, one thing is known for sure, that you will have a good time if you come and watch this show!


Special thanks to Gold Standard and major sponsor Specsavers Broadway.


Producers Julie Hoang & Lachlan Deacon
Directors Ella Kerr & Hal Fowkes
Dance Directors Caitlin Fenech & Wilson Deng
Vocal Directors Mendy Atencio & Allie Tame
Band Directors Nicole Lewis & Jack Needle
AV Directors Maxim Adams & Ro Roberts