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Craig Challen & Richard Harris

11 Nov 2019

Join Craig Challen and Richard Harris as they discuss the inside account of the breathtaking Thai cave rescue with Eleanor Hall.


In June 2018, for seventeen days, the world watched and held its breath as the Wild Boar soccer team were trapped deep in a cave in Thailand. Marooned beyond flooded cave passages after unexpected rains, they were finally rescued, one by one, against almost impossible odds, by an international cave-diving team which included Australians Dr Richard Harris and Dr Craig Challen.


These two men were chosen for their medical expertise and cave diving knowledge, but this dangerous rescue asked so much more of them. They had to remain calm under extreme pressure and intense scrutiny, adapt to constantly changing circumstances, and importantly, build trust among the rescue team and with the young boys and their coach, whose lives were in their hands.


Here is the story of two Australian men who became international heroes. It is a story of determination, cunning and triumph that will long be remembered.


Image: Kristoffer Paulsen