The Sydney University Commerce Revue Society presents

Boardroom Blitz

28 - 31 Aug 2019

Whip out the Jatz and whack on your piano tie for Commerce Revue presents Boardroom Blitz – an evening of laughs, festivity, and regret. So much regret.


Commerce Revue is a sketch comedy and variety show brimming with heart. In 2018, Commerce Revue took out the USU award for Best Revue, and it’s with that same spirit and joy that we enter the 2019 season.


Smile ‘til your cheeks hurt and laugh ‘til you snort. Because Boardroom Blitz is set to be a party for the ages.


The Sydney University Commerce Revue is an annual sketch comedy show presented by the University of Sydney Union as part of the Faculty Revue season.


Directors Abbey Lenton and Max Peacock
Producers Ell Katte, Emma Hayman and Thomas Hanaee
Sound and Set Designer Jacob Parker
Costume Designer Jess Zlotnick
Props Coordinator Caitlin Williams
Music Director Michael Kauffman
Choreographer Haydn Hickson
AV Director Fred Pryce
Graphic Designer and Photographer Michael Felczynski
Stage Manager Ojasvi Jyoti


Lukian Adams
Georgia Condon
Alison Cooper
Declan Coyle
Lincoln Gidney
Henry Hulme
Molly KC
Harry Licence
Dani Maher
Sophia Morrison
James Mukheibir
Olivia Niethe
Campbell Taylor

Angela Tran
Lewis Ulm