Young Engineers Australia Sydney (YEAS) present

Beer With An Engineer Turns 1

19 Jul 2019

On 20 July 2018, Melanie & Dominic launched Beer With An Engineer (BWAE) – a podcast on a mission educate the world on the important role engineers play in the creation and evolution of society.


As BWAE  turns one, your hosts reflect upon an amazing first year bringing the incredible journeys of different engineers each week to the world community. Joined by a panel of Humanitarian Engineers this live recording of BWAE will discuss their engineering career paths and the ways in which they are working to change and improve society.


Young Engineers Australia Sydney (YEAS) is a group connected with Engineers Australia, focused on guiding and advising young engineers and are proud to present this event.



Host Young Engineers Australia Sydney
Panel Hosts Melanie & Dominic De Gioia