Nadia's Performance Studio presents


1 Dec 2019

Dancers from Nadia’s Performance Studio (NPS) will take to the Seymour stage and delight audiences with a showcase of their 2019 routines. The matinee show will feature NPS’s open classes, and the evening concert will showcase the NPS troupes.


Let’s celebrate the joy of dance and song as the NPS dancers perform to banging tunes from past and present!


Creative Director Nadia Vella-Taranto
Assistant Creative Director Stephanie Mansueto
Costume Coordinator Nicole Magnayon
Choreographers Corrina Baars, Stephanie Mansueto, Logan Dunstan, Parys Vella, Katrina Vella, Marianne Taranto, Kathryn Ravese, Jayden Rodrigues, Tayla Meli, Kristelle Di Iorio, Liz Srbinovski