Sydney Ideas present

BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer

14 March


Co-presented with the Centre for Values and Ethics in Medicine (VELiM) and the School of Public Health in the Sydney Medical School, and the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Sydney

BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer is a collection of performances reflecting on a history of cancer and the patient experience. Drawing from ten years of monologues and spoken word performances, Brian Lobel presents an hour of humorous, provocative, interactive and thoughtful reflections, which have been presented throughout the world in a wide variety of medical, theatrical and artistic contexts.

On the day of his cancer diagnosis, Brian began writing notes about his experience with illness: the unfamiliar language, the awkward silences, the strange sensations. The writing eventually became BALL, his first full-length monologue which toured the world to thousands of audience members including medical students, doctors, patient groups, and people who just wanted to hear the (un)inspiring story.

But just like so many people with cancer, Brian noticed that he did not stop thinking about his body, and particularly how it was changed through illness. Instead of shutting up and getting ‘back to normal’, Brian continued to create shows from different distances from his illness. Each story captures a different moment in the journey, and asks different questions along the way.

Brian’s performance will be followed the opportunity to ask questions from the floor.