2018 Womn's Revue Presents

School Splashtacular!

30 May - 2 Jun 2018

"Easily one of the funniest nights of student comedy around"

Honi Soit, 2017


Pack your goggles, buy an octopus costume from Spotlight and reserve at LEAST 2 hours worth of oxygen in the tank because… you’re O’fishally invited to the 2018 School Splashtacular!


Always wanted to see the Great Barrier Reef but couldn’t quite afford those Jetstar prices?? Well, word on the reef is that Seymour Centre will be turning into a coral aquatic wonderland for 4 nights only!!


Womn’s Revue is back and wetter than ever, delivering you a splash filled night of comedy you’ll never forget!


From the reef to the Reginald, these squids will have you laughing til you ink yourself! (But don’t worry, they’ll be more than enough blue crepe paper to dry yourself on)


It’s gonna get WET.


“They set the bar extremely high” – Surg Fm, 2017
“Ensemble could not be faulted” – Honi Soit, 2017


Warning – This production contains coarse language, adult themes and sexual references. Restricted to years 14+


Directed by: Rachael Colquhoun-Fairweather and Harriet Lugsdin
Produced by: Ell Katte and Zoë Sitas

With Helenna Barone-Peters, Ruby Blinkhorn, Tashi Bourne, Kate Bubalo, Jestika Chand, Alison Cooper, Sophie Ellis, Jasmin Galper, Lizzie Heath, Hannah Heyen, Remy Keldoulis, Layla Mkh, Sophia Morrison, Donna Rohani, Esther Shim, Shannon Sweeney, Belle Wilson, Tiffany Wong