At Seymour, we’re all about more.


More potential for provoking thought, more room for questioning, collaborating and creating, and more opportunities to bring contemporary performing arts to wide-reaching audiences.


We’re ideas people; producing performances, hosting major festivals, supporting small independent arts sectors, passionately believing in our Arts Education program and aligning closely with the thought leaders of the University of Sydney.


Accessible, intelligent, innovative: think more, feel more.




Located in the heart of the University of Sydney, the Seymour Centre’s curated programs celebrate the connection between great ideas and great performance.


We strive to build engagement through performances that reveal and investigate important questions of our time and that encourage cultural and artistic exploration.


We commission, produce and present major works from Australian and International artists. We produce provocative works from independent theatre companies in our Reginald Theatre and we champion learning while fostering the next generation of artists and audiences through our comprehensive Arts Education program for primary and secondary schools.


You can find out more in Seymour’s 2019 program.

Download our 2019 Season brochure.