Seymour Centre presents Jens Altheimer’s

Squaring the Wheel

5 - 7 May

Winner of Adelaide Fringe Award “Best Presentation for Children 2013”


Wacky contraptions, gutsy clowning, eccentric circus and puppetry in a quirky story of finding one’s place.

If you and your students are intrigued by how science and clowning can collide to create an amazing performance then join performer Jens Altheimer for the award winning Squaring the Wheel.

When an eccentric misfit meets a strange world of mechanisms, everything turns into a challenging and surprising discovery, where simple things become wonderfully complex. Kooky antics, absurd gadgets, tomfoolery and high energy are balanced with themes of loneliness, thinking outside the box, friendship and ultimately, finding one’s place in the world – a theatrical stage extravaganza.

A comical visual feast which simply has to be seen to be believed.“ ARTSHUB