seven kilometers north-east
version 1.0 presents

seven kilometres north-east

Innovative Political Performance featuring version 1.0’s Kym Vercoe

8 - 22 March

seven kilometres north-east is deviser/performer Kym Vercoe’s attempt, to reconcile her idyllic experience of Bosnia with its brutal past. On a Slivovitz-fuelled adventure across Bosnia, seduced by the visual and aural beauty of the Balkans, she spends a night in the Visegrad Spa Hotel, only to later discover that the walls possess dark secrets that no one dare unearth.

Which crucial facts are omitted from the tourist guidebook? What happens when a town of great beauty, conspires to whitewash and repackage its history? seven kilometres north-east is an intensely beautiful production combining live performance, evocative music and stunning visuals to explore a provocative dilemma. Accompanied by beautiful projections from video artist Sean Bacon, seven kilometres north-east is a deeply personal, political performance.

seven kilometres north-east was the recipient of the 2012 Graham F Smith Peace Trust Award at the Adelaide Fringe Festival Awards. The production has also been adapted for a feature film, For Those Who Can Tell No Tales, directed by award-winning Bosnian filmmaker Jasmila Zbanic. This film had its international premiere at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival and is currently on the international film festival circuit. An Australian premiere is likely later this year.

Kym Vercoe and Sean Bacon will hold a Q and A with the audience, immediately after each of the Friday matinee performances.


Devisor/ performer: Kym Vercoe
Video artist: Sean Bacon
Set and Prop Construction: Erth Visual and Physical Inc.
Dramaturgy: Deborah Pollard
Singer: Sladjana Hodžić
Lighting Designer: Emma Lockhart-Wilson
Producer: Anna Messariti
General Manager version 1.0: Cathy Murdoch

WARNING: Nudity and Smoking
Suitable for 15yrs +