SIMA presents

Origami – Wu Xing

with Lisanthe

31 Aug 2019

Nominated for The Age Music Victoria Awards for Best Jazz Album 2018, “Wu Xing” translates in Chinese as “five elements”: Wood (mù), Fire (huh), Earth (tu), Metal (jin), and Water (shui). Taking listeners on a journey through the transformative states of each element, Wu Xing features Wang Zheng-Ting, a master sheng player (Chinese mouth organ) and demonstrates the virtuosity, spirit and imagination that Adam Simmons has become synonymous with. Origami also features the pivotal talents of Howard Cairnes (Way Out West) and Hugh Harvey (The Meltdown, Cat Empire, Julien Wilson’s “B for Chicken” and Paper Planes).




Alto Saxophone/Bass Clarinet Adam Simmons
Double Bass Howard Cairns
Drums Hugh Harvey
Sheng Wang Zheng -Ting