Love, Loss and Lattes Seymour Centre
Catherine Wait Presents

Love, Loss and Lattes

13 - 17 Sept

★★★★ 4 Stars

Rip It Up, In Daily, The Clothesline, Verse Magazine.


2016 Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award – Highly Commended


Coffee – the early morning ritual, soother of headaches, fuel for focus, inducer of shakes, the afternoon pick-me-up, the binding element in the social and the romantic. Coffee is Missy’s substance of choice. It accompanies her on most occasions in her life, both the landmark ones and the banal.


Love, Loss and Lattes is a circus and physical theatre exploration that divulges the depths of Missy’s love affair with coffee. It investigates the correlation between coffee and the heart from the physiological to the psychological, from heartbeats to heartbreak.


The narrative is expressed and explored through the body via various circus apparatus such as silks, aerial hoop, pole and acrobatic dance. One single coffee cup interlinks conceptual vignettes about love and loss. Throughout the show the coffee cup becomes a symbol for the caffeinated beverage as well as the journey itself. The cup is also the marriage of object and apparatus, which is in turn the interplay between floor and air.


Stories of loss – such as the death of loved ones, loss of motivation, breakups, loneliness and weariness; elements of love – the bond between father and daughter, love in the romantic sense, following dreams and what the heart desires and the comfort felt in the familiarity of daily routines are themes that are personal, yet universally relatable.


Missy has brewed up a winner.” Stage Whispers


Missy proves that a relationship with coffee is a constant one in an awe-inspiring expression through dance and circus.” Verse Magazine


Amazing feats of dexterity and grace… managing to communicate its theme without ever letting it detract from the fundamental pleasure of the performance.” Rip It Up