Vivid at Seymour
Seymour Centre and Sydney Ideas present

I’m not Creative, but…2013

As part of Vivid Sydney

3 June


I’m not creative, but…playfully investigates the role of creativity in all career paths, well beyond the so-called creative industries.  Science tells us that one-half of our brain, the right, is what we use for expressive and creative tasks, the left side for logical and analytical thinking. Yet, at some level, both need to work together, to achieve optimum results. I’m not creative, but…asks five of Sydney University’s leading academics representing diverse disciplines including design, history, IT and philosophy to explain their views on creativity and its role in their careers to date. Do they consider themselves creative people? What does a creative approach to academia look like? Can you be a successful academic without being creative? What is the very core of creativity?


  • Rick Benitez, lecturer in classical philosophy
  • Wendy Davis, researcher in light and colour
  • Judy Kay, researcher in human computer interaction
  • Iain McCalman, historian and author of the award winning book, Darwin’s Armada
  • Martin Tomitsch, lecturer in design computing