Artes Christi presents


400th Anniversary Performance

14 - 15 Oct

Commemorating Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary (1616-2016), Artes Christi are pleased to present The Tragedy of HAMLET Prince of Denmark in a brand new production directed by Eugene Raggio.


With a cast & crew of almost 50 people, this is HAMLET on an truly epic scale, starring Jeremy Bell* as Hamlet, Paul Kennedy as Claudius, Kate Parker Frost as Gertrude, Gordon Costello as Polonius, Prudence Robinson Foxe* as Ophelia, John Apotsis as Laertes, Jeremy Ambrose as Horatio, Anthony Kendrick as The Ghost, Thomas Woods as Rosencrantz, Anthony Mason as Guildenstern and Andrew Cougle as Fortinbras.


*For the Saturday matinee performance (2pm), the role of Hamlet will be played by Andrew Cougle and the role of Ophelia will be played by Alethea Jackson.